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Each week, host Jon Waterhouse speaks with Atlanta’s business leaders to explore their inspiring stories, lessons learned, and tips for growth and success. From big business execs to indie entrepreneurs, these guests not only share their practical secrets, but also unveil the personalities behind the careers.

“Business touches all our lives and deserves to be explored,” says show founder, Richard J. Lenz, who’s also founder, president, and CEO of Lenz Marketing. “Lenz on Business taps into the excitement and dynamics of business; the colorful characters who drive these companies, their entrepreneurial adventures, and the innovative ways they thrive and survive in today’s world.”

Upcoming Lenz on Business Show

Ralph A. Castillo, CPA, CEO of Morgan Medical Center

Ralph A. Castillo, CPA, CEO of Morgan Medical Center

Independent hospitals are incredibly important to the communities they serve, not only for the health and welfare of the citizens but also due to the fact they create an economic ripple effect. Our guest this week, Ralph A. Castillo, CPA, CEO of Morgan Medical Center, has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He discusses the importance of independent, community hospitals, shares how Morgan Medical Center is reaching its goal of becoming a Patient-Focused Center of Excellence, and explains his three-legged stool vision. For the last 60 years, Morgan Medical Center has served the people of Morgan County. Morgan Medical Center prides itself on the care they provide through modern technology, enhanced treatment facilities, upgraded amenities, and affordable healthcare.

Recent Lenz on Business Shows

John Schuerholz, Allan Vela, and Richard Lenz

John Schuerholz, former Atlanta Braves GM and President, and Allan Vela, President and CEO of the Fox Theatre, Atlanta

Since many are longing for baseball season, now is the perfect time to revisit Richard’s interview with John Schuerholz, an inductee in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. He also co-authored the book “Built to Win: Inside Stories and Leadership Strategies from Baseball’s Winningest GM.” As a bonus, producer Jon Waterhouse checks in with Allan Vela, president and CEO of the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, discussing the fate of the live entertainment business post COVID-19.

Aaron McPherson

Aaron McPherson, Vice President of Integrated Care Services, Institute on Aging

McPherson, a seasoned healthcare executive, discusses how he went back to school through Georgia College’s WebMBA program, despite being located in Alaska. He shares online graduate school tips and tricks, and how attaining an MBA helps with career advancement.

Sanitize and Protect by Classic Commercial Services

Randy and Justin Longenbach, Classic Commercial Services

Richard talks to the two generations behind Atlanta-based Classic Commercial Services, a commercial cleaning company in operation for nearly 50 years. They specialize in floor and textile care, emergency water restoration, and more in venues ranging from hotels to corporate offices to hospitals and all points in between. Randy and Justin discuss their new product, Sanitize & Protect. This antimicrobial barrier protects treated surfaces from 99.9 percent of bacteria, mold, and fungi up to one year.

Wylonda Jones

Wylonda Jones, director of post acute admissions, Emory Long-Term Acute Care Hospital, Decatur

When going from a non-business specialty to a leadership position in that field, some additional business savvy wouldn’t hurt, right? Well, this week we’ll be talking to Wylonda Jones, director of post acute admissions at the Emory Long-Term Acute Care Hospital in Decatur. She spent years in the medical field as a clinician and later rose to a leadership position. She was already leading employees, but had a desire to go back to school and get an MBA, more than 20 years after graduation. She talks about juggling a demanding job and navigating her way through Georgia College’s Web MBA program.

Emily Acker and Adam Silberman of Hillside, Inc.

Emily Acker, CEO, Hillside, Inc. and Dr. Adam Silberman, Medical Director, Hillside, Inc.

This week we hear from a pair of staffers from one of Atlanta’s oldest nonprofits, dating all the way back to 1888. Hillside, a longstanding leader in the field of youth and family mental health services, helps children and families thrive by providing residential and community mental health services for children and adolescents struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. For many, Hillside’s services are more important now than ever before. Acker and Dr. Silberman talk about dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), youth mental health during the pandemic, and more.

Kyle Puttkammer

Kyle Puttkammer, Owner of Galactic Quest

Like all retailers, Puttkammer, who owns a pair of acclaimed metro Atlanta-based comic book shops, finds himself facing the daunting challenges of COVID-19. With the publishing world turned on its ear, Puttkammer had to think fast. This longtime comic book professional discusses how he’s been handling and rethinking his business, offers tips to other small business owners, and predicts the lasting effect the pandemic will have on the publishing world.

Jody Yearwood

Jody Yearwood, Senior Vice President & CIO, Executive Director of the Global Online College at Georgia Military College

We have the great opportunity to talk to business executives who decided to go back to school and get their masters degree online, and they each have their own unique story to tell. This week’s guest Jody Yearwood received his Master in management information systems online from Georgia College’s J. Whitney Bunting College of Business. Additionally, he oversees online learning at Georgia Military College. So Yearwood knows both sides of the coin. On this episode, he shares his online graduate experience, his thoughts on online learning in the COVID-19 era, and more with producer Jon Waterhouse.

Federico Castelluci

Federico Castellucci, President and CEO, Castellucci Hospitality Group

As we all know, the business world is facing perhaps the biggest challenge of all time in the form of COVID-19. And no one is feeling it quite like those in the hospitality industry. Tackling this obstacle takes creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance, not to mention a strong business sense. As president and CEO of Castellucci Hospitality Group, Federico Castellucci oversees seven restaurants across metro-Atlanta including Bar Mercado, Double Zero, Sugo, and The Iberian Pig, among others. He shares his unique background, and perspectives and experience operating during the coronavirus era with host Richard Lenz.

Josh Johnston, O.D., FAAO

Dr. Josh Johnston of Georgia Eye Partners

Like all businesses during the COVID-19 era, healthcare is obviously feeling the impact in a variety of ways. While COVID-19 is at the forefront, other healthcare needs don’t simply go away. According to some medical professionals, depending on a patient’s need, telemedicine can be the answer. Dr. Johnston explains how he helped expand Georgia Eye Partners’ telemedicine offering in the wake of COVID-19. Additionally, he’s currently teaching telemedicine to colleagues both inside and outside of his practice.

Dr. Karl Manrodt and Jeremiah Griffin

Dr. Karl Manrodt, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Georgia College’s J. Whitney Bunting College of Business, and Jeremiah Griffin, Senior Manager for Process Improvement and Supply Chain for Walmart

As consumers, we live in an on-demand culture. And in the age of COVID-19, businesses are feeling this pressure now more than ever. This means the world of logistics and supply chain just got tougher. Dr. Manrodt, an expert in the field, and Griffin, who sees the subject firsthand through Walmart, share their perspectives on logistics and supply chain amid the current pandemic.

John Loud

John Loud, President of Loud Security Systems

Like many businesses, the home security industry has transformed in recent years, thanks in large part to advancing technology. This week’s guest has seen this business evolve across the past two decades. John Loud, president of Loud Security Systems, talks with producer Jon Waterhouse about the genesis of his business, his entrepreneurial spirit, the future of the home security business, and more.

Tom Swinson

Tom Swinson, Director of Industry and Education Services for SMC3

Evolving and growing one’s career and business is a frequent topic on the show, and getting a master’s degree can play a big part of that. Our sponsor, Georgia College’s J. Whitney Bunting College of Business often provides us with special guests who share their stories about getting their masters degree online. And this week’s guest is in the midst of that right now. Tom Swinson talks about earning his Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MLSCM) degree through Georgia College’s online program, how he’s applying what he’s learning at work, and more.


Dr. Hal Scherz, managing partner, Georgia Urology

As managing partner of Georgia Urology, Dr. Scherz has a front row seat in the business of healthcare. He served as president of the American Association of Pediatric Urology, and authored more than 75 peer-reviewed articles and eight book chapters. Additionally, Dr. Scherz is an associate clinical professor of urology at Emory University, and an original member of the board of directors for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Ambulatory Surgery Center. Dr. Scherz talks about his career and the business of healthcare with Richard Lenz.

Jeff James, Vice President and General Manager, Disney Institute

Producer Jon Waterhouse takes listeners on a special road trip edition of “Lenz on Business” to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Jon chats with Jeff James, Vice President and General Manager of Disney Institute. Disney Institute is the professional development and business advisory arm of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Jeff explains how Disney Institute helps business professionals learn the Disney approach to customer experience by sharing the company’s business insights on leadership, employee engagement and service. And Jeff shares some of the business secrets behind the magic.

Meisa Salaita and Jordan Rose

Meisa Salaita and Jordan Rose, co-founders and co-executive directors of Atlanta Science Festival

This week, producer Jon Waterhouse takes a deep dive into the Atlanta Science Festival, a two-week celebration of science and technology, with Jordan Rose and Meisa Salaita. Now in its seventh year, the Atlanta Science Festival, presented by Delta Air Lines, takes place March 6-21. The Festival includes more than 100 events happening across Metro Atlanta. The programming spotlights science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. And there’s something for all ages. The grand finale, known as the Exploration Expo, drops March 21 in Piedmont Park with more than 100 hands-on interactive science booths and live entertainment. Rose and Salaita talk about what it takes to create a thriving Festival, how to run a non-profit, the businesses behind the Festival, and more.

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Herb Chereck

Herb Chereck, owner of Decatur Package Store

Like all businesses, the libation business is more than just what we see on the surface. Liquor stores are common among the local landscape, but how do they work, thrive, and survive in today’s climate of beer connoisseurs, wine aficionados and the cocktail savvy public? Chereck taps into those questions and more with producer Jon Waterhouse.

Mark Morris

Mark Morris, graduate of Georgia College’s J. Whitney Bunting College of Business’ WebMBA program

As our sponsor, Georgia College connects us with business school graduates who have interesting back stories. One of the most unique stories belongs to Morris. He’s spent nearly 30 years in the military, and he currently serves in the Army National Guard as an aviation safety manager for the state and a helicopter instructor pilot. He was actually deployed in Afghanistan when he decided to enroll in Georgia College’s WebMBA program. A true testament that it’s never too late to get your master’s degree, Mark was in his early 50s when he enrolled. And today he uses his knowledge on the job with the U.S. Army. He talks with producer Jon Waterhouse about these topics and a whole lot more.

Tom Garrett

Tom Garrett, CEO & Founder of GPS Hospitality

This week guest host Jon Waterhouse talks quick service restaurant franchising with Tom Garrett, CEO & Founder of GPS Hospitality. A Burger King and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchisee, GPS Hospitality operates more than 400 restaurants and is set to surpass its goal of $1 billion in revenue in its first 10 years.

Derrick Johnson

Derrick Johnson, president of UPS South Atlantic District

Those brown delivery trucks are unmistakable. United Parcel Service, aka UPS, seems to be everywhere. But there’s much more to the iconic company. The UPS headquarters is right here in Atlanta, Georgia. And this week we’ll be talking to Derrick Johnson, president of UPS South Atlantic District, who gives guest host Jon Waterhouse a behind-the-scenes look at UPS and its future.

Alan Johnson and Dale Doss

Alan Johnson and Dale Doss, graduates of Georgia College’s J. Whitney Bunting College of Business’ online program

So you really want that masters degree in business, but you think it might be too late. It’s never too late to go back to school, and this week’s guests are living proof. Both Johnson and Doss decided to go after a masters degree in their mid-to-late 50s. Despite some trepidation, they not only graduated, but both rocked 4.0 grade point averages. They join guest host Jon Waterhouse and talk about what it was like jumping head first into Georgia College’s Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management online program and how it’s enhancing their careers.