Richard Lenz, Founder of “Lenz on Business”

“Lenz on Business” began airing in 2017 with original host Richard J. Lenz at the helm. Richard is founder, president, and CEO of Lenz, Inc., an integrated marketing agency that uses advertising, public relations, graphic design, and web-based technology to help clients achieve their goals. His most recent accomplishments include launching one of the most celebrated festivals in the country; producing a popular health care radio show; rebranding a major hospital system; designing and installing a 2,000-square foot museum exhibit; steering a $20 million fund raising campaign; and developing a website that helped improve cancer care across the country. He serves on multiple boards and has won industry awards for his graphic design, ad campaigns, writing, and photography, and is author of several popular non-fiction books. He lives in Decatur and is married to Dr. Wendy Lenz and has four children, Eric, Kristen, Claire, and Laura.