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John Loud, President of Loud Security Systems

Like many businesses, the home security industry has transformed in recent years, thanks in large part to advancing technology. This week’s guest has seen this business evolve across the past two decades. John Loud, president of Loud Security Systems, talks with producer Jon Waterhouse about the genesis of his business, the impact of the pandemic […]

Eric Lisle, CEO of Southeast Primary Care Partners

We periodically take a look at the business side of healthcare, and on this week’s show, we’ll be featuring a primary care management service organization. What’s that you may ask? This regionally-focused primary care management services organization and its affiliated practices partner with independent primary care providers. The goal is to expand access to high-quality […]

Cindy Richards, founder, and Rob Stearns, family advisor, Best Nest Senior Advisors

Jon Waterhouse is joined by Cindy Richards, founder of Best Nest Senior Advisors, and Rob Stearns, a family advisor for the company. Best Nest Senior Advisors uses its expertise and market knowledge to help clients navigate the overwhelming process of senior living options. They explain how their business works, the definition of a senior advisor […]

Lara O’Connor Hodgson, founder and CEO of Now Corp.

This week’s guest entrepreneur tells us all about Now Corp. This company created NowAccount, an accelerated payment solution. Instead of waiting for a client to pay an invoice, a company can submit the invoice for acceleration to NowAccount, which pays 100% of the invoice amount, less a service fee. NowAccount manages the invoice and waits […]

Jerome Sabol, owner and president, Plumb Works

It’s always great to have entrepreneurs return to the program to give us an update on how they’re making things work. So we’re happy to welcome back Jerome Sabol, the award-winning owner and president of Atlanta-based plumbing service, PlumbWorks. One of the city’s leading plumbing companies, PlumbWorks has been in business since 1989. Sabol brings […]

Phnewfula Frederiksen, owner and founder, Happy Mango

This week’s “Lenz On Business” airs at 5 p.m. Jan. 30. After a successful career in the music business,  With an eco-conscious spirit and a desire to take customer service to the next level, Frederiksen has helped Happy Mango garner a strong reputation and following. It even attracted the attention of American Express, who offered […]

Eric Levitan, founder and CEO, Vivo

This week’s Lenz On Business will air at 5 p.m. January 23. Of course, new fitness goals are typical for many this time of year. And this week’s special guest occupies an interesting niche in the fitness business. Vivo is an online, small group, fitness program that focuses on strength training for seniors and people […]

Steve Leondis, Owner and CEO of Horizon Air Freight

This week Lenz on Business will air at 5 p.m. Sunday, January 16. By popular demand, Lenz On Business is thrilled to replay this inspiring story. More than 50 years ago, Steve’s immigrant father Anthony started Horizon Air Freight, equipped with little more than a small amount of capital and a dream. Today, Steve continues […]

Jenni Bonura, President and CEO of Harry Norman Realtors

This week, Lenz on Business will air on Sunday, January 9th at 5 PM. The home real estate market continues to be super hot right now and this week’s guest brings a strong perspective. Jenni oversees the operations of Atlanta’s first residential real estate firm and was honored as one of the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s […]

Neal Cohen, co-founder of Tip Top Proper Cocktails

We raise a figurative glass to the New Year by airing an encore episode. This Atlanta-bred brand of canned, premade cocktails is already shaking and stirring the alcoholic beverage industry. Having just launched in 2019, Tip Top Proper Cocktails has experienced great growth and publicity. They’ve been covered in the New York Times, Bon Appetit, […]

Dr. Andrew Kirsch, Medical Director, Georgia Urology

It’s the season of giving, but healthcare workers give year-round. One such person is this week’s guest. In addition to being a physician, Dr. Kirsch is a business leader, educator, author, internationally-known lecturer, and so much more. Dr. Kirsch will be calling in to discuss the business side of healthcare, how the pandemic continues to […]

Steve Leondis, Owner and CEO of Horizon Air Freight

Lenz On Business often shares inspiring business stories and this week’s guest brings plenty to the table. More than 50 years ago, Steve’s immigrant father Anthony started Horizon Air Freight, equipped with little more than a small amount of capital and a dream. Today, Steve continues carrying his dad’s torch as Horizon Air Freight delivers […]

Dr. Benjamin Lefkove and Ron Sanders, PA-C, founders Viral Solutions

For nearly two years, Viral Solutions has been on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. From providing much-needed testing opportunities early on to administering vaccines to adults and now children, Viral Solutions has evolved as a healthcare service provider. Today the company has 18 sites across metro Atlanta. Lefkove and Sanders return to the program […]

Roman Aluisy, patient advocate, Virtual Imaging

Aluisy joins us to talk about this disease and illness prevention facility that offers CT imaging services to individuals interested in the early detection of heart disease and cancer. It serves as a solution for those looking for additional diagnostic options. Aluisy explains how this business evolved, the relevance of heart, lung, and full-body scans, […]

Ben Armstrong, co-founder, Netherworld

This week’s guest knows all about the business of Halloween. He’s co-founder of Netherworld, a haunted attraction with movie-worthy special effects. Netherworld is recognized as one of the most highly acclaimed haunted houses in the world, and it’s currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. It’s been covered by a slew of media outlets, including CNN, “The […]

Decatur Cooperative Ministry and Amplify My Community

Poverty and homelessness affect all aspects of society, and this week we’ll be learning about a non-profit whose focus is to alleviate these things on a local level. Since 1969, Decatur Cooperative Ministry’s mission has been to help families facing homelessness settle into safe, stable homes and build healthy lives filled with peace, hope, and […]

Stephanie Stuckey, CEO Stuckey’s

If you’ve spent any time trekking the nation’s highways, you’ve at the very least seen the signs or perhaps visited a Stuckey’s location. These roadside pit stops are experiencing a new era thanks to this week’s guest. Having served for more than a decade in the Georgia House of Representatives, Stephanie Stuckey is now CEO […]

Katie Miner, General Manager, Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC)

This week we explore the business of the decorative arts, specifically ADAC. ADAC was created in 1961 by legendary architect and developer John Portman, and in 2018 it was acquired by International Market Centers. It features more than 550,000 square feet of the Southeast’s largest collection of luxury furnishings for residential, hospitality, and contract projects. […]