Seed & Feed Marching Abominable

Joann Cebulski, Alicia Cardillo, and Patricia Pichado, Seed & Feed Marching Abominable

Whether they’re weaving down the street like a multicolored amoeba in the Inman Park Festival Parade, busting out with an impromptu jam session at a MARTA station, or falling to the asphalt in unison while in mid-march, if you stay in Atlanta long enough, you’ll likely stumble across the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable. The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable is an all-volunteer marching band, known for their wild costumes and spontaneous performances.

Performing throughout Atlanta and on the road, on stages and in unexpected places, they play in support of community events and fundraisers of all kinds. This year the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an array of performances, including the Amplify Decatur Music Festival, taking place Saturday, April 13, featuring headliner Melissa Etheridge. You can learn more about the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable by visiting