Roman Aluisy

Roman Aluisy, patient advocate, Virtual Imaging

Aluisy joins us to talk about this disease and illness prevention facility that offers CT imaging services to individuals interested in the early detection of heart disease and cancer. It serves as a solution for those looking for additional diagnostic options. Aluisy explains how this business evolved, the relevance of heart, lung, and full-body scans, patient success stories, and more.

Mike Bean, founder and president, Divorce Sense and Mindy Smith, owner of the Law Offices of Mindy Smith

Mike Bean, founder and president, Divorce Sense and Mindy Smith, owner of the Law Offices of Mindy Smith

Periodically, our sponsors visit the show to talk about their profession, their business, and to pull back the curtain on one of the most challenging things anyone could face, and that’s divorce. This time Mike Bean and Mindy Smith dig deep into the topics of child support and alimony.

Stephanie Stuckey

Stephanie Stuckey, CEO Stuckey’s

If you’ve spent any time trekking the nation’s highways, you’ve at the very least seen the signs or perhaps visited a Stuckey’s location. These roadside pit stops are experiencing a new era thanks to this week’s guest. Having served for more than a decade in the Georgia House of Representatives, Stephanie Stuckey is now CEO of Stuckey’s, the company her grandfather founded more than 80 years ago. She talks with Jon Waterhouse about purchasing the company and what it has been like breathing new life into an iconic brand.

Eric Lisle, CEO of Southeast Primary Care Partners

We periodically take a look at the business side of healthcare, and on this week’s show, we’ll be featuring a primary care management service organization. What’s that you may ask? This regionally-focused primary care management services organization and its affiliated practices partner with independent primary care providers. The goal is to expand access to high-quality care and to improve the health of the communities they serve. Lisle discusses the challenges and advantages of the management service organization field, and a whole lot more.

Jodi Ganz of Olansky Dermatology

Dr. Jodi Ganz, Olansky Dermatology & Aesthetics

Dr. Ganz joins “Lenz On Business” to talk about the business side of dermatology and what it’s like running an independent medical practice. She touches on the importance of building community, why physicians should have a strong understanding of the business aspects of their field, the private equity movement, and the aesthetics boom that’s been taking place during the pandemic.

Mike Bean, founder and president, Divorce Sense and Mindy Smith, owner of the Law Offices of Mindy Smith

Mike Bean, founder and president, Divorce Sense and Mindy Smith, owner of the Law Offices of Mindy Smith

The topic of divorce isn’t something anyone looks forward to discussing, but many face the issue every day. And this episode’s special guests use their businesses to help make the process of divorce easier for their clients. Mike Bean and Mindy Smith share their advice, thoughts, and professional experiences regarding the financial aspects of divorce.

Meridith Ford

Meridith Ford, owner Cremalosa

A former food writer, Meridith stepped away from the newsroom and into the kitchen to open Cremalosa, a Decatur-based gelato shop. The handmade, artisanal gelato is spun in small batches every day with the expertise of Italian technique. Meridith brings a special touch to age-old Italian methods, creating sweet frozen treats of powerful American flavors inspired by the Southern cakes, cookies, and candy bars she grew up with. She talks with Jon Waterhouse about opening a shop at the beginning of the pandemic, making the transition from journalism to restauranteur, and much more.

Emily Acker and Adam Silberman of Hillside, Inc.

Emily Acker, CEO, Hillside, Inc. and Dr. Adam Silberman, Medical Director, Hillside, Inc.

We kick off Mental Health Awareness Month with a visit from a pair of professionals from Hillside, a longstanding leader in the field of youth and family mental health services. Hillside helps children and families thrive by providing residential and community mental health services for children and adolescents struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. Acker and Dr. Silberman discuss the variety of services available at Hillside, what people are looking for these days, suicide prevention and treatment, and more.

Dr. Benjamin Lefkove and Ron Sanders, founders of Viral Solutions

Dr. Benjamin Lefkove and Ron Sanders, PA-C, founders Viral Solutions

After seeing the need for additional COVID-19 testing in the Atlanta area, this duo founded Viral Solutions, drive-through testing facilities with no appointment required. This was done in an effort to offer the best diagnostic testing possible in a timely manner for all, including the uninsured. Today, Viral Solutions has added vaccine administration into the mix. They return to the show to talk about this new era of the COVID-19 pandemic, the logistics of vaccinating the public, the many challenges, and much more.

Steve Slotin

Steve Slotin, co-owner Slotin Folk Art Auction

Even amid a pandemic, folk art sales remain strong. This bodes well with this week’s guest, whose Buford-based company has been conducting folk art auctions since 1994. Slotin’s Spring Self-Taught Art Masterpiece Sale takes place on April 24. They hope sales compare to their most recent event. Slotin Folk Art’s Fall Self-Taught Art Masterpiece Sale in November 2020 was one of the auction house’s most successful with total revenues of $1.48 million. Slotin joins co-host Jon Waterhouse to talk about the secondary art sales market, growing his business, the popularity of self-taught art, and much more.

Jenni Bonura

Jenni Bonura, President and CEO of Harry Norman Realtors

The home real estate market continues to be super hot right now and this week’s guest brings a strong perspective. Jenni oversees the operations of Atlanta’s first residential real estate firm and was honored as one of the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Most Admired CEOs of 2020. She shares her residential real estate savvy with Jon Waterhouse and talks about the 2020 boom, the forecast for the remainder of 2021, the idea of a seller’s market, buying trends, and more.

Neal Cohen

Neal Cohen, co-founder of Tip Top Proper Cocktails

This Atlanta-bred brand of canned, premade cocktails is already shaking and stirring the alcoholic beverage industry. Having just launched in 2019, Tip Top Proper Cocktails has experienced great growth and publicity. They’ve been covered in the New York Times, Bon Appetit, Garden & Gun, and elsewhere. Cohen pops the top on his background in the music festival business, the product’s inspiration, the unique start-up story, and the company’s recent partnership with Delta Air Lines.

David Cochran, CEO and president of Paces Properties

David Cochran, President & CEO of Paces Properties

Paces Properties, a commercial real estate developer, has been making an impact on the Atlanta-area landscape since 1972. They create new landmarks and revitalize old ones, and foster community with retail, restaurant, office, and residential properties. David shares the stories behind their acclaimed projects, including Vinings Jubilee, Krog Street Market, and Atlanta Dairies.

Mike Bean

Mike Bean, founder and president, Divorce Sense

After experiencing the challenges of a divorce, Mike Bean realized there was a need for a business that could demystify the financial aspects of divorce. So he created Divorce Sense, which works with both the wage earner and the non-working spouse to help bring clarity to what a financial divorce settlement and post-divorce financial life will look like. Mike and his colleague Lauren Tanksley talk about the services they provide, the most common questions they hear from clients, and some success stories they’ve experienced along the way.

Jerome Sabol, owner and president of Plumb Works

Jerome Sabol, owner and president, Plumb Works

Sabol returns to the program to talk about one of Atlanta’s leading and longstanding plumbing companies. He’ll chat with host Jon Waterhouse about how the company continues approaching business amid the pandemic, and how the new apprentice program with Georgia Plumbing Association could help the current unemployment crisis. Sabol also puts the spotlight on the new Plumb Works Academy, a free, how-to online video course offering simple plumbing maintenance and repair tips for homeowners.

Meisa Salaita

Meisa Salaita, executive co-director and co-founder, Atlanta Science Festival

STEAM, an acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, obviously plays a huge part in the business world, and Atlanta is quite the science town. And this week we’ll be taking a deep dive into the Atlanta Science Festival, a two-week celebration of science and technology. Meisa Salaita of Atlanta Science Festival joins Jon Waterhouse to talk about the Festival’s return March 13-27. This year the Atlanta Science Festival is a virtual and in-person hybrid with more than 80 events. Meisa discusses how the Festival has grown to be one of the largest of its kind in the country, how they’re pivoting during the pandemic, and why science is more important now than ever.

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell, Owner, Mitchell Cooling + Heating

Nearly 30 years ago, equipped with little more than a truck and $10,000, Mitchell started his own heating and air conditioning business. Today he and his team continue serving metro Atlanta and North Georgia, banking on basic business philosophies such as customer service, honesty, and avoiding upselling. Mitchell joins producer Jon Waterhouse for a conversation about what it’s like starting a business from the ground up, when and how to grow, employee retention, and a whole lot more.

Lisa Bobb, owner of Squash Blossom Boutique

Lisa Bobb, owner of Squash Blossom Boutique

This week we take a look behind the counter of the indie retail business in Atlanta by putting the spotlight on a successful clothing boutique and gift shift shop chain. This one has a particularly fascinating story of risk-taking and perseverance. Lisa left a successful career in the corporate IT industry to reinvent herself as an owner/operator of a women’s clothing store. She talks with Jon Waterhouse about making a midlife career change, the challenges of a minority-owned business, retail during the pandemic, and more.

Kamal Grant of Sublime Doughnuts

Kamal Grant, founder and creative director, Sublime Doughnuts

On this week’s show, we’ll be tapping into the sweet side of business: the business of doughnuts. Kamal Grant, a US Navy veteran and culinary school grad, created this Atlanta-based doughnut chain, resulting in international acclaim. Kamal talks with Jon Waterhouse about what led him to create his own doughnut chain, the challenges and importance of African-American-owned businesses, and how Sublime is thriving amid the pandemic.

Stefanee Escay

Stefanee Escay, clinical liaison on behalf of Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy

Healthcare continues to remain on everyone’s minds these days, and this week we’ll be taking a look at the pharmaceutical business, specifically an Atlanta-based compounding pharmacy. Escay talks about the role of a compounding pharmacy, what Pavilion has to offer, its scope of COVID-19 drugs, and the difference between the COVID-19 tests available.

This week’s “Lenz On Business” airs at a special time, 3 p.m. Saturday, February 6.