Floyd Hall and Hannah Redler Hawes

Floyd Hall and Hannah Redler-Hawes, co-curators, Science Gallery at Emory University

Of course, science and business cross-pollinate in many ways. On this week’s episode, Jon Waterhouse talks with a pair of individuals representing an Atlanta-based, science-related nonprofit that’s presenting science to the public in creative and thoughtful ways. Science Gallery at Emory University brings science, art, technology, and design together to deliver world-class educational and cultural experiences. Floyd and Hannah are co-curators of the organization’s inaugural exhibition, “HOOKED: When Want Becomes Need.” It’s a visually compelling and thought-provoking look at the world of addiction and recovery. Science Gallery at Emory University is part of the international Science Gallery Network and one of only eight of its kind in the world. The guests talk about the unique exhibition, the topic of addiction and its relevance, the partnership with Emory University, and more.